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Teaching Writing: The Grad Student Experience (Currently Accepting Submissions!)

Teaching Writing: The Grad Student Experience will be an accessible, low-cost resource to help new graduate students better understand the challenges of teaching writing. Our goal is to provide an “idea book” for teaching. This isn’t a “how-to,” and it isn’t an A-to-Z of pedagogical theories. Instead, this is our chance to share our experiences of what worked in the classroom…and what didn’t.

We are currently Accepting Submissions as well as Applications for Reviewer and Editor Positions.

Future Projects

The following projects are planned for 2015-2016.  If you would be interested in taking part in one of these projects as a reviewer or editor, please Contact Ryan.

Future Editions of Teaching Writing (TBA)

The goal with The Grad Student Experience is to turn this into a regular publication.  As we know, the nature of graduate school is undergoing a continual evolution, particularly as new technologies shift not only the ways we teach, but the ways our students view the world.  We hope that future editions of the anthology will continue to provide up-to-date perspectives to help graduate students better succeed as teachers of writing.

Learning Writing: The Undergrad Experience (TBA)

Although there has been a great deal of good research regarding how undergraduates learn to write, few publications are specifically designed for undergraduates to provide advice to their peers.  The goal of this publication will be to present the first-person perspectives of students using writing in a variety of fields and to help illustrate the strategies that have helped (or have failed to help) on the road to becoming a better writer.

Gerbil: The International Journal of Creative Writing (Summer 2015)

There are international literary journals, and there are journals that open themselves to every voice, but there are few international literary journals which publish everyone who submits.  Gerbil is envisioned as a means to provide a canvas for all writers coupled with the editorial recognition of individuals who are presenting exceptional work.

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