Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free Writing Blog Subdomains

Are you a beginning writer?  Would you like a domain name that has something cool (like your name?) and something about writing?  Read on to find out about setting up a blog at ""
I'm looking for more writers to contribute to 1-2-Writing, so I'll gladly set up a Blogger blog for you with ""  Setup is quick, and you'll be provided full admin privileges.  You can design your own blog format, choose your own layout - everything you need to get your writing blog to look and sound just right.  And, if you'd like, I'll set it up so you can post links from to specific posts on your blog - this way, you can pull in new subscribers directly.  And of course there will be a permanent link from the 1-2-Writing Blog to your subdomain.

The only requirements will be that the blog is for writers (of any genre), that you have a permanent links to 1-2-Writing and the 1-2-Writing Blog, and that your blog maintain basic guidelines for decency (poetic license allowed, but no adult content which would be unsuitable for minors.)  Before setting up your blog, I'll ask your for a basic description of the goals of your blog - basically how you'd like to help other writers, and how you're experiences have prepared you to do this.
If you would like to know more, you can either post a comment below or Contact Me.

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