Thursday, March 11, 2010

Consolidating Blogger Posts

So I've spent what feels like a week just trying to work out a good way to keep the blog "user-friendly" and "design-friendly."  Not that the blog would ever be entirely easy (have to give some thought to the writing, after all...)
Ideally, I'd like a blog which is relatively easy to update and just as easy to search.  It doesn't do anyone much good if it takes readers an hour to find what they want - you get frustrated with the blog, and then I get frustrated with my lack of readers.

This goes right back to my earlier post about organizing the site.  Unfortunately, the internet (or at least Blogger) is not pre-arranged with something as elegant as an MS Access database.  To find something, we have to actually search for it - whether that search is handled by Google or by browsing the links, at some point we have to choose where we'll click.  And it's surprisingly hard to arrange everything in a way that will make sense to most people.  It's hard, actually, to arrange everything in a way that makes sense to me.

But rather than belabor this point, let me just say it's nice to have all the blogs brought together under a single roof.  This will make archives and searches a great deal simpler.  If you do have suggestions for how the site can be better arranged, please feel free to let me know - I'm always open to suggestions.  And, as I've discovered the hard way, I am more than willing to sit at a computer for all the hours it will take to make something if only I had that kind of dedication to my writing this week...