Friday, April 27, 2012

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As a primarily online enterprise, it's very unlikely we will ship anything to you.  However, we do have a shipping policy regarding purchases made through our website using third-party vendors such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  In case of questions, please Contact Us.

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Here at 12Writing, we're committed to offered a healthy atmosphere for all writers.  Our Terms of Use describe our expectations of all participants in our programs.  In case of any questions, please Contact Us.

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Register for Bivalve, The Book Club for Writers

Starting May 12, Emily will be leading Bivalve, our Book Club for Writers.
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Bivalve Books & Schedule

Like bivalves, a class of mollusks whose shells are two pieces hinged together, those who write are hinged to be those who read as well. This course will discuss books in both writerly and readerly fashions. Every two weeks, course participants will read one book, respond to a number of writing directives, and join in discussions that relate the writing directives to their reading experiences.  For those who sign up for the Premium Workshop, you'll also receive instructor feedback on at least four of your response pieces during the course.  Click Here to Register.

Bivalve Book Club

          12Writing happily presents the Bivalve Book Club for writers! This is a 10 week course running from May 12th to July 14th. Bivalve participants will read four books, respond to writing directives correlating to readings, and participate in group discussions on the books and writing directives. Join an online community of writers in growing and thinking as we journey through the works of others!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fiction Workshop for Adolescents

Attention Readers:

This summer, 12Writing will be offering a special in-person creative writing workshop for adolescents in the Bloomington-Normal area. The main focus of this workshop will be fiction writing, although we might touch on other creative writing genres, such as poetry and creative non-fiction, if the students want to explore those areas as well. As a group, we will be focusing on such topics as: creating relatable, multifaceted characters, turning personal experience into fictional storytelling, and how to write realistic dialogue. In the later sessions, the students will learn about how to be critical readers, as well as how to give and receive feedback on story drafts.

We will be providing your student with worksheets and a storage folder so all he or she needs to bring is their favorite pen or pencil and enthusiasm for learning to be a more effective writer.

Our course will take place every Saturday for eight weeks starting May 19th and running until July 7th. Depending on demand, we may also be adding a second midweek course to this schedule. While registration is not open for this quite yet, keep checking back here to 12Writing for more information.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bivalve Book Club Writing Workshop

Yes, it's been a while since our most recent workshop, but that's soon going to change!  Coming soon, Emily will be leading our Bivalve, a hybrid book club and writing workshop.  Because let's face it: if you want to be a writer, then you need to be a reader.  And what better way to read than by joining a group of fellow writers, reading some good books, and then writing in response to what you've read?