Friday, April 27, 2012

Return/Cancellation Policies

We hope you'll be satisfied with the products and services we offer.  However, in case you do need to cancel, please review our policies

In all cases, we want to make sure you're happy with our programs.  In case of any questions or confusion, please contact us - we're happy to assist you.  For our own protection, we've specified the following policies regarding cancellations and our satisfaction guarantee.  This is primarily to ensure that we don't have individuals who sign up for our courses, take advantage of our services, and then refuse to pay simply because they want to save their money.  There are very, very few people like this, but we still reserve the right to refuse service to individuals suspected of abusing our refund policies.

That said, if you must withdraw from a course or you are dissatisfied, let us know.  We will do what we can to make things right.

Cancellation Policy

Unless stated otherwise, you may cancel your course registration for a full refund no later than 72 hours before the course start date.  Course cancellations after this time may be refunded in full or part at the sole discretion of 12Writing.  Individual courses may also specify withdrawal deadlines and refund dates - students choosing to withdraw from a course will be be subject the withdrawal terms for the individual course.

Satisfaction Guarantee

12Writing maintains a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our creative writing workshops - if you are not satisfied with a workshop, your money may be refunded in full.  To qualify for this guarantee, you must complete all assignments in full as specified on the information page for that course.  All required assignments will be listed before a course is opened for registration, and no additional assignments will be required for the satisfaction guarantee.

Please Note: This guarantee only applies to full workshops, and it does not apply to seminars, book clubs, or other activities which do not require the submission of assignments for instructor feedback.

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