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Bivalve Books & Schedule

Like bivalves, a class of mollusks whose shells are two pieces hinged together, those who write are hinged to be those who read as well. This course will discuss books in both writerly and readerly fashions. Every two weeks, course participants will read one book, respond to a number of writing directives, and join in discussions that relate the writing directives to their reading experiences.  For those who sign up for the Premium Workshop, you'll also receive instructor feedback on at least four of your response pieces during the course.  Click Here to Register.

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We've organized the book group to provide our participants an affordable way to read, write, and join in the community of writers.  For $30 in Kindle books and our $10 registration fee, we hope that you'll experience new and enduring connections with fellow writers and your own work.  And for those who are ready for a more intensive writing course, our $75 workshop offers more personalized feedback and greater opportunity to explore the ways we can grow as writers.

Listed here are the books and schedule for the Bivalve Book Club for Writers. Also available here is the link to the free Kindle app for your computer. You can use this page to see what weeks which books are being covered and also as a link source to Amazon for the texts.

Soft Cover Kindle Schedule


Kafka's Metamorphosis: It's a timeless work that needs little introduction. As writers, we can examine how the fantastic elements of Kafka's work contribute to our understanding of character and suspension of disbelief.  (And never mind the personal relevance: as writers, we do sometimes wake up feeling like insects.  And what better way to overcome our fears than by joining with other writers in our feelings of insectness?)

May 12th Week 1: Begin Kafka
          Reading Session
May 19th Week 2: Kafka Writing
May 26th Week 3: Kafka Discussion,
          Kafka Directive Responses
June 2nd Week 4: Kafka Feedback



We can learn a lot from Nobel Prize Winning Poet Gabriela Mistral.  In Madwomen, Randall Couch has translated twenty-six of her finest poems, allowing us some real insights into the use of language and perspective in our own writing.  Join us to see why this book earned the Popescu Prize for Poetry in Translation.

May 26th Week 3: Begin Mistral
          Reading Session
June 2nd Week 4: Mistral Writing
June 9th Week 5: Mistral Discussion,
          Mistral Directive Responses
June 16th Week 6: Mistral Feedback



Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, The Hours is a homage to Virginia Woolf you won't want to miss.  Nonlinear narrative, the blending of fact and fiction - this novel may well change the way you look at writing.

June 9th Week 5: Begin
          Cunningham Reading Session
June 16th Week 6: Cunningham
          Writing Directives
June 23rd Week 7: Cunningham
          Discussion, Cunningham
          Directive Responses
June 30th Week 8: Cunningham
          Feedback Returned



Our writing is defined by detail, and this Booker Prize Winning novel, shows us how detail can reveal the most intimate of lives.  This novel leads us to reconsider the writing of character, both in form and depth, and the ways that the "minor" details of our lives are often the heart of living.

June 23rd Week 7: Begin
          Roy Reading Session
June 30th Week 8: Roy Directives
July 7th Week 9: Roy Discussion,
          Roy Directive Responses
July 14th Week 10: Roy Feedback
          Returned Midweek
July 7th Week 9: Introduce End of
          Class Reading & Examples
July 14th Week 10: Class Reading

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