Friday, April 23, 2010

Maryland Writers' Association Homepage Review

The Maryland Writers’ Association is a locally based non-profit organization that focuses on the Maryland community of writers. They are dedicated to developing this community by offering writers opportunities to improve their skills, locate agents and editors, find representation, and discover the network of professional writers in Maryland the area.

Information on the organization is available on their website, In addition, there are links available to the MWA projects.

Their schedule and information is available on their blog.

At the MWA critique groups, small, informal groups meet for constructive evaluation of creative work.

The Annual Writers’ Conference sponsored by the MWA and generally held in March in Hunt Valley, MD is an excellent means of networking with local writers, agents, and editors. Writers can schedule, for $30.00 each, short sessions to meet with agents and editors to discuss their work and potential publication. This is a great opportunity for any writers in the area. Though the deadline to register has passed for this year, the conference will most likely be held around the same time, next year.

The MWA hosts annual writing contests in the categories of novels and short works. Periodically, there are additional contests in areas including poetry, children’s writing, and play writing.

They are represented by chapters in Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick, and Howard County and hold a monthly meeting in Towson.

Membership is $40.00 for one year of membership which extends from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

The MWA is an excellent resource for anyone looking to become involved in the local community of writers, and for anyone interested in becoming aware of events and opportunities in the area.

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Ryan Edel said...

Hey Rachel - I like the post. Let me know how it goes at the MWA Conference - it looks like they have some great resources.