Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Emily Moody

If you've visited Our Facebook Page lately, then you've already met Emily.  She goes through the internet to find most of the awesome links we have on the page.  But there's way more to Emily than faceless hyperlinks on the Facebook - be sure to Read More!

Emily is just finishing her first year as a Creative Writing Master's student and Sutherland Fellow at Illinois State University. She's spent this past year working at the English Department's Publications Unit learning loads about putting together journals and books, all the way from cleaning text to proofreading to interior book design. She's also been prepping to teach Introduction to Creative Writing for the 2012-2013 school year, and she makes a point of bouncing around the various genres.

Emily earned her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from North Park University in Chicago, and while there studied poetry, fiction, storytelling, performative literature, and dramatic writing. As of late, she's been learning about poetry and experimental autobiography. She's also excited to for next semester, where she'll be again focusing on prose, storytelling, and screenplays.

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