Monday, May 31, 2010

Scribophile: A fun approach to writing

Looking for a community to develop your writing? Want a place that gives solid constructive feedback? Perhaps you are a budding writer, looking to hone your skills? Today, we’ll take a look at the community known as Scribophile.

Upon first visiting the site,, I am amazed by the professional layout. Sporting a hot theme with red and white, Scribophile gives off a crisp feeling. Perhaps this is not the biggest requirement for someone looking to improve on their writing, but it certainly shows effort to the page that many other writing community websites do not have. Not only that, but the site offers RSS feeds for people to stay updated on other writer’s works.

Aesthetics aside, the first thing you will notice when you visit the home page is Scribophile’s bold claim: “we guarantee at least 3 solid critiques on each work you post”, in contrast to the typical familial response of, “it’s good”. While the definition of a “solid critique” probably varies from person to person, Scribophile accomplishes its mantra in an interesting way—the Karma system. They explain it pretty well on their site, but the short version is that you provide in-depth reviews of other people’s works, which then allows you to post your own works for review. Thus begins the endless cycle of reincarnation. Of your writing, that is.

Scribophile also welcomes all forms of writing. From screenplays to poetry to even adult fiction, there is a mini-circle for every writer in the community. Having established a strong user base, there is almost always well written reviews in every category.

In a nutshell, Scibophile is a clever karma system to ensure that every writer is happy in the end. Reading some of the writing pieces and their feedbacks, it was clear that feedback was indeed constructive and critical. More surprising was the level of Karma and the sophistication in the review of some of the readers. Scribophile does a great job uniting writers of all ages, and it is mind blowing the level of sophistication in the writing and the feedback—especially those from younger writers.

Scribophile is an excellent community for the beginning writer to learn techniques and experiment with their works.

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