Saturday, May 8, 2010

Share Your Stories and Poems on Scribophile

For a writer, few opportunities are more precious than the opportunity to share with other writers.  On,  not only can you share your work, but you're also very likely to receive feedback and friendly support.  And, as an added bonus, you can read a selection of stories about Dagny v. Writer.
"More like "Dagny v. Pudknocker," she replied, jumping into the narrative.  "What the heck is this?  Some kind of educational crud about writing?  Why do you even bother?  You're not even published."

Ah, yes, the joys of fictional characters who don't like to be ignored...

"Ignored?  How about browbeaten, abused, and manipulated.  All you care about is your own gawd-dammed fame.  You won't even let me spell my words right, your so worried about censorship and 'your precious reading public.'"

So yes, you can read more about my efforts to prevent Dagny from taking over the world:
Dagny, however, recommends that you avoid these works at all costs.  "If you fatherless sons of motherless cows know what's best for you," she says, "you'll just click the 'back' button and hope I forget you were ever here."

(Just keep on walkin, reader.  Just keep on walkin.)

1-2-Writing Workshops Online
(Sure, go ahead and learn how to write.  See what good it does.  And tell that pudknocker Ryan to stop writing about girls who don't exist.) 

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