Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Genre and Literary Elements

Hello Writers!

This page is dedicated to information about genre and literary elements. Not sure how to write a love poem? Or maybe you're struggling to put dialogue in your story. Check out the links below for all sorts of tips and how to's.

More Tips for Writers

Writing in Different Genres

We use ideas of genre to distinguish between different kinds of writing. As a writer it is good to know the differences and similarities of two styles of writing, such as poetry and narrative writing.

Ekphrasis: Literary Representation of Visual Art
It is not uncommon for writers to be inspired by visual art (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.) and to use this in their own writing. John Keats, Williams Carlos Williams, and W.H. Auden all found inspiration in visual art. This article will give you ideas on how to start using works of art as your inspiration.

10 Laws of Good Science Fiction
While most of these "laws" can be broken (and frequently are) the author brings up good points to think about if you are interested in writing science fiction. "Law" number four is especially important to look at and is applicable to all genres of fiction.

Memoir Writing Tips
A published memoir writer shares some tips on how to write a memoir that succeeds.

How to Write a Memoir
This is a good introduction to memoir writing. Memoir and other forms of creative non-fiction are growing in popularity. This article discusses the main tenants of memoir and how it is different from autobiography. It also introduces the idea of conventional life writing and experimental.

12 Tips on Writing Memoirs
Here is yet another link discussing memoir writing. While the article is aimed at memoir writers, there is good advice for all genres here.

How a Poem Happens
Several poets share their poems and talk about how they created their poems including where the inspiration came from and how they revised the initial draft.

Terms in Poetry
Do you know what anacrusis means? You can use this page from to find out the definition to anacrusis and many other poetry terms. The list also has definitions for different schools and styles of poetry so if you are interested in finding and author who writes differently from you, try clicking on a style you've never heard of before.

Thoughts on the Poetic Statement
If you've never written a statement of poetics, or even if you have, take a look at this article. This link is a nice discussion of what a good statement of poetics contains and at the end there are some questions to ask yourself when you are drafting your statement. No matter what stage you see your writing in, writing a statement of poetics can help you focus your thoughts and your work toward a goal.

The Basics of Free Verse Poetry
This is a great link for beginner tips on how to write free verse poetry. It has explanations for abstractions, imagery, syntax, and formatting. It also has little nots on grammatical errors, cliches, and alliteration.

How to Write Love Poetry
How do you write a heartfelt poem to a loved one without sounding like a lovesick teenager spewing cliches? Four poets share examples of their love poetry and give advice at how to create beautiful and creative love poetry.

How to Write a Haiku Poem
Have you ever written a haiku? They are traditional Japanese poems that can often be quite beautiful and may lead you to experiment with leaving verbs, adverbs, and adjectives out of your lines of poetry. This succinct article gives you the basics of haikus, a few examples, a step-by-step creation guide. Check out the reader haikus in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Notes on Spoken Word Poetry
Unlike other forms of poetry, spoken word poetry really only exists when being performed in front of a live audience. Therefore, it has different conventions from written poetry. In this article the author explores her experiences with and observations of spoken work poetry. Its a good starting position if you are interested in poetry slams or performing your poetry in public.

Writing a Script in Seven Days
Tim Earnheart, a screenwriter, shares his story on how he wrote an a noteworthy television script in just seven days.

10 Ways in Which Social Media Writing is Different from Traditional Web Writing
A look at how different social media writing is from traditional web writing.

The Difference Between Song Lyrics and Poetry
It has been said that a song is just a poem set to music, but that is untrue. They are two very different genres and often can't be substituted for each other. Let this article show you the differences.

Here is analysis of the narrative writing done for the game Portal. Sometimes it's hard to think about video games from a writer's view, especially when you're busy blowing off the heads of zombies, but most good video games do have a story to them and are not all guns, blood, and guts. 

More Tips for Writers


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