Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Teach Creative Writing

Hello Writers and Teachers!

We have collected a few links to provide you with help and inspiration when creating your creative writing curriculum.

Can great writing be taught?

In this article from BBC news, several professors in the United Kingdom give their opinions on whether creative writing can be taught. In a time where there are thousands of creative writing degree programs and courses offered in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada, this is an important question to ask.

Can writing be taught?
Here is a similar article written about the teaching of writing. The author is a writing consultant at a university in the Midwestern United States who changes the conversation about writing by asking us to change our attitudes about teaching.

A Teacher's Opinion on Teaching Writing
Kate Geiselman, a freshman composition teacher in Ohio, gives her opinion on whether writing can be taught. Like most others, she gives it a definite "sort of." Her thoughtfully constructed reflection offers some good insight for those of you still working on your teaching philosophy.

Classroom Management: Managing Multiple Discussions
Our web administrator, Ryan, has created a comical slideshow about managing a creative writing classroom using a collection of plastic animals and a Darth Vader keychain. Laugh and learn (and maybe sigh) as you click through the pictures.

Conducting Small-Group Workshops
Another plastic animal slideshow by Ryan. This one deals with how to break students up into groups to do workshops.

Digital Storytelling: Funky Fairytales
English Honors teacher, Catlin Tucker, shares her experience using technology to teach collaborative creative writing. She gives details of how she used technology to get the students to work together and gives examples of the writing the students accomplished together.


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