Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Publishing Your Work

Hello Writers!

This page is dedicated to information about getting published. These links will help you get ready to publish, how to find a publisher, and how to avoid literary scams. Publishing can be a drawn out, ugly process. Let these links be your guide.

More Tips for Writers

Writing and Publishing Terminology

Here is a great beginner's guide to getting published. Former publisher and current university professor, Jane Friedman, provides definitions for popular publishing terms and tips for how to find the publishing information you are looking for.

How to Write a Cover Letter
Most literary journals require that you send a cover letter in with your submissions. A poorly written cover letter can sometimes cause your submissions to be less desirable. Check out this guide before sending in your work and have a better chance at getting published.

Rites of Submission: Cover Letters and Query Letters
This guide, written by the editor of a literary magazine, may help ease some of your anxiety about submitting your work to a publisher. There are several examples of bad letters broken down to show you what makes that letter bad.

9 Common Tag Title Mistakes
If you put your work online, you need to be able to correctly tag your work so that it shows up at the top of a search engine. This article will help you avoid dooming your work to the bottom of the page.

Cheap Business Cards
If you are meeting with publishers in person or are doing a public reading of your work, you may want to have business cards to hand out. Go here to order professional-looking cards of your own design.

Listserv for Creative Writing Submissions
Use this Yahoo group to sign up for e-mail notifications of calls for submissions, contests, and journals accepting work. Be warned that this group sends out lots of e-mails. It is advisable to direct these e-mails to a special folder or to set up a whole new e-mail address just for the alerts.

Writing for Small Press Publication
Trying to get published through a small press is different than trying to get published through a larger publishing company. As the article explains, small presses have to be extremely choosy about what they accept as they cannot swallow loss as well as a bigger company. If you want to get published by a small press, use this guide to help make your work more appealing.

Backhand Stories: A Publishing Blog
This blog publishes short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction, and essays from unpublished or new writers. they publish just on their blog, so this is a good way to get your name out there and also a great place to read the work of other new writers.

The Best Online Literary Magazines
This page ranks the top 20 online literary magazines according to several criteria including what they do for writers, what they have done for writing, and what they do for readers.

Duotrope: The Online Publishing Resource
This is a free searchable database of publishers all over the world. They currently offer information on 4,200 active publishers who publish all kinds of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. You can search for publishers based on response times, acceptance/rejection ratios, genre, or sub-genre. Check it out!

Advice from Salmon Poetry on Publishing
The Irish publishing house, Salmon Poetry, has put together a tips about how to get your work published both through their company and others. While you're there, check out the books written by two poets we know personally: Drucilla Wall and Eamonn Wall!

New Pages Writer Resources
This website is a haven to writers with information and guides to bookstores, publishers, literary magazines, periodicals, record labels, and more.

Network: How to Use Twitter to Connect With Readers
Getting published is only half the battle. If your work is published in a journal or book that costs money to own, you need to attract people willing to pay to own it. Let's face the reality: popularity and money often go hand in hand.

11 Reasons You Won’t Get Published
Everyone wants to get published. Some succeed and some fail. Make sure you look at this list of mistakes made by writers trying to get published and give yourself a better chance at succeeding.

Literary Scams and Dishonest Publishers
Not all advertised publishers are legitimate. This website lists scams and dishonest publishers as well as provides resources for you to report an organization if you feel they have not delivered.

More Tips for Writers


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