Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Writing Workshops: The How-To of Sharing Your Work

Hey there, Fellow Writers!
Here's a list of blog posts describing the writing workshop process and what to look for as you seek your own workshop.

More Tips for Writers

Writing workshops have evolved a great deal over the past eighty years.  Here's a look at the different formats currently used as well as their pros and cons.

Progressive feedback will help you improve while encouraging you to keep writing.  This is the kind of feedback we strive for at 12Writing.

Offering your work to workshop critique is a major step toward becoming a better writer.  Here's some advice on how to accept feedback - both positive and negative - as you develop as a writer.

There are so many online workshops out there that it can hard to choose "the one" to help you succeed.  Factors such as price, time commitment, and your personal writing goals are all important considerations.

Any writing workshop you take should foster the inspiration which fuels your writing.

I have long dreamed of becoming a writer, and writing workshops have played a major role in my progress.  Here's a look back at why I began offering workshops of my own.

More Tips for Writers


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